TheatreLAB Celebrates Third Year With Re-launch

TheatreLAB is Richmond's home for unexpected and evocative performance. Through artistry and imagination, TheatreLAB creates unique theatrical experiences that spark a collaborative exchange of ideas between artist and audience. The TheatreLAB ensemble cultivates an environment that fosters emerging talent and challenges artistic norms through experimental devices on new and thrilling works. Create. Collaborate. Cultivate. 2014 was a year that all of us at TheatreLAB will never forget -- through generous support from our friends, we successfully made it through the first leg of our very first Capital Campaign! In doing so, we had enough work done in our new venue, The Basement, to get the doors open for a wildly successful run of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, co-produced with Spin, Spit & Swear! Now, during Crossing the Threshold, the second leg of our Capital Campaign, we will be focusing exclusively on three major projects: Bathrooms in the Lobby, Installation of an HVAC System, and working toward our ADA Compliance. TheatreLAB has experienced much growth over the past three years; we were once a transient ensemble-based theatre troupe and now we are lucky enough to have our very own space in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Richmond. However, like many new houses, The Basement isn't quite a home... Yet. With overwhelming support from supporters and audience members like you, we hope to make The Basement not only our home, but also the home for Richmond's most unexpected and evocative performance. To celebrate our third anniversary, TheatreLAB has refocused and re-launched! We have refocused our mission statement to better serve the Richmond community, concentrating on new works and our ensemble of artists. We now have a full staff - a team of seven talented individuals who will each help TheatreLAB grow in ways we had never dreamed. We are proud to introduce Michael Jarett (Director of Production), McLean Jesse (Associate Artistic Director), Ryan Allen (Director of Marketing), Heather Falks (Director of Community Outreach), Chelsea Burke (Director of New Works) with Deejay Gray and Annie Colpitts maintaining their roles as Artistic and Managing Directors. In addition, TheatreLAB is launching a new initiative to support our ensemble, or CompanyArtists, providing them with opportunities to utilize The Basement as their creative home base. Our new logo celebrates our new theatre space, while also establishing TheatreLAB as a professional theatre organization with a clear and direct point of view. We have also recommitted ourselves to connecting with our community in a greater way through social media outlets and our interactive new blog - LABlog, a platform to share not only ideas and concepts about our work, but also stories from the artists making it all happen. Throughout our Capital Campaign, we will be teasing more projects and programs that will make their debut in our 2015-2016 Season, Vivid Impression of Reality. We are thrilled for the exciting next chapter in TheatreLAB's story and we would love for you to be a part of it! All donations are tax-deductible as TheatreLAB is now a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, so your support makes a greater impact than ever before. During Crossing the Threshold, our prizes and prize levels celebrate what TheatreLAB has become and where the future is taking us. We're crossing the threshold - don't you want to join us?

TheatreLAB Staff.jpg

[Photo by Lucy Dacus Photography]

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