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Our home is your home.

Welcome to The Basement.

TheatreLAB has built a house for itself right in the heart of the Arts District. We are currently in the midst of renovations between productions, but once they are complete - you can expect to see and hear art flowing up the stairs and onto East Broad and 3rd Street. The Basement is a performance venue with a plethora of possibility. The LAB staff, CompanyArtists and many amazing volunteers have worked hard to build this house, but it will take an audience to make it a home!

The Basement

My Richmond is...

I moved here from Austin, Texas, in the fall of 2007 and immediately fell in love with RVA. And since then, Richmond has grown. RVA is a flourishing, diverse city with a flair for art, food, craft beer, music, festivals, nature. The city offers a multitude of activities for all types of people.

Upon arrival I eagerly dove head first into the Richmond theatre scene. I was keen to work and hungry to collaborate. I wanted to tap into the creative pulse of the city and create meaningful and relevant theatre. Over the last seven years my efforts have been rewarded; I have taught, performed and auditioned for many of Richmond's finest theaters and schools. I was instrumental in the development of theatre programming at The Shop, a free performance art venue for artists and audiences alike. Joining TheatreLAB as an Associate Artist in 2012 was a turning point for me as an artist. Being a part of the LAB family has given me greater purpose. Theatre is at the center of our thriving arts community and it's an honor to be a part of the staff at TheatreLAB. I'm so thrilled that My Richmond is one that celebrates diversity, art, and above all, life.


What's your Richmond?

So what's your story? We want to know! TheatreLAB wants to connect with people from all over the city who have a voice in the plays and programming TheatreLAB produces. We want to make sure that TheatreLAB is part of your Richmond.

Want to be our partner?

I am thrilled to take on the position of Director of Community Outreach. It allows me to begin to build partnerships with Richmond's finest artists, organizations and businesses. Theatre is a powerful vehicle for highlighting the common threads that tie us all together. We are looking for partners who are interested in helping us tell stories that have deep relevance to our community.


Heather Falks

Director of Community Outreach, TheatreLAB

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