when last we flew: director's thoughts


There has been a lot of conversation in our rehearsal room about the nature of faith and worship. Paul worships at the altar of Tony Kushner- his Bible being Angels in America. It is by no means a traditional religion, but he clings to it, looks to the text for guidance and comfort, and his faith brings unexplainable occurrences- or miracles-to his small Kansas town. If that isn't faith, I’m not sure what is!

This piece to me is about revelation, both big and small. It is about coming to a point in your life where you recognize something about yourself and you are willing to claim it, go out, and live it. It is about finding your tribe- the people who you connect to, inspire you, reach for you, and love you like they breathe. And it is about love- in every aspect of the word- and the magic that love can create.

It is beyond exciting to be running when last we flew in rep with Angels in America! This is the first time these companion pieces will be produced together and I think it is going to create a wonderful discussion about identity, faith, and community. It has been incredible exploring these two texts and finding their commonalities, both overt and subtle. The seasoned Angel’s professional will be pleasantly surprised by the Angels parallels; you can expect a few Easter Eggs!


I hope audiences will leave when last we flew with a sense of hope; that even in the most broken of circumstances, we can find community, support, and love. See you at the theater!


Chelsea Burke

Director, when last we flew

Director of New Works

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