C*CK: a character's armor

At the beginning of my design process, I had a conversation with the

director, Wesley Young, about his concept for the costumes. We discussed that the

playwright did not give many specifications on the clothing of the characters, which

gave us a lot to play with. The more we discussed the play, the more we realized that

the costumes were key to telling the audience many details that are not specified by

the script, such as social status, location, season, and personality. When designing

for a play set in present day, there are so many options to choose from so it is very

important to me as a designer to really dive into each character’s closet and figure

out what they would dress themselves in.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

In C*CK, each character stands to lose something and their costume is a

projection of how they want to be seen, their “outer shell” if you will. It is a means

to hide their true selves and instead show each other (and the audience!) that they are

ready for the ultimate battle. And while some wear their armor with stylish skill,

others fall short of presenting themselves with the confidence to win a fight or

simply make a decision. The stakes are raised to the highest level and I designed

each costume with that in mind. However, it was still very important to me to have a

small part of each of the characters true self peek through because when you strip

away all the layers and wash off the war paint all that’s left is who you are and what

you want... and that you’re willing to fight for it.

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Cathleen Connor

Costume Designer, C*CK

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