Community Partner Spotlight: Women Build

The first time I read Venus in Fur I felt a sense of verve and power rush over me. It's an exhilarating story of female empowerment. I'm eager to see it unfold with Maggie Roop and James Ricks going head-to-head. When I learned about Habitat for Humanity's Women Build project I knew it was a perfect #weRVA pairing for Venus in Fur. This project is an incredible opportunity for the LAB Ladies to come together and invest in our community.

Habitat for Humanity's Women Build program brings together women from all walks of life to address the housing crisis facing millions of women and children worldwide.

This Women Build home will be constructed for the Highsmith Family. Najjee Highsmith is a single-mother of a 2-year old daughter. Currently they are very cost burdened by the apartment they are renting and find it difficult to save money for other activities. The air units in her apartment are very old and not efficient, causing her utility bills to be extremely high. Currently, Najjee works full-time for Wells Fargo, providing customers with financial guidance and understanding. On top of working full-time, she is also in school to become a dental hygienist. She cannot wait to make her mother and daughter proud by becoming the first homeowner in her family.

The LAB Ladies are scheduled to work on the new house on June 11th. We need $300 to cover the registration fees for our participants. This is where our friends, families, and patrons come in. TheatreLAB would love to double, heck, triple that amount! Richmond Habitat for Humanity's goal is $10,000 for this home. Our team link is up and running on the Habitat for Humanity Women Build fundraiser website. The LAB Ladies will do all the manual labor on the Habitat house but we need your support! Please consider donating to our Women Build fundraiser.

Click HERE to find out more and donate today!

--Heather Falks, Director of Community Outreach with TheatreLAB

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